Maxim Sports Nutrition

The drive, the energy, the power!


Maxim Sports Nutrition philosophy is built on three pillars – quality, taste and price

Exercise is good for the body and mind. It makes you feel fit and healthy. Good quality nutrition and good timing is vital if you want to sculpt a great body.

 Maxim’s whey protein and creatine supplements help you do that !


We use the best quality local and EU ingredients. Our bars are created with utmost care and by following highest quality standards.


With our products, you will please not just the body but also the taste buds. We like to provide healthier alternatives to all the snack lovers of the world!



Our mission is to provide high quality protein at affordable prices.

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Maxim offers sport supplements to be utilized before, during and after exercise. Maxim products are scientifically developed and are backed by scientific data.